“We're better together, and we can accomplish anything as a family."

- Mat Ishbia, UWM Chairman & CEO

We are more than a company of dream makers; we are a family of dream makers. Our family includes the team members that work here, the brokers that partner with us, and the communities in which we operate. If our family can dream it, we are here to help them achieve it.


We do our part to preserve the health of our community and environment.

  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle — 99% of the lights in the two primary buildings on our campus are LED.
  • Community Garden — Our campus includes 16 garden beds that individual teams and facilities oversee. Each team grows a variety of vegetables and flowers, having the option to donate, share with other teams, or bring home to their families.
  • Innovation Leading to Sustainability – We embrace feedback and encourage team members to submit their ideas that will better UWM by creating new technology, cutting unnecessary costs, and providing a better client experience. Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, we plant a tree for every implemented Brilliant Idea and for Pay It Forward contributions. Over 875 trees will be planted in 2024 from 2023 donations.
  • Team Members’ Impact – In 2022, like-minded team members formed Green United. This group focuses on raising awareness and educating other team members about environmental issues. It also provides tips on ways to reduce waste, save energy, and maximize the use of our outdoor spaces.